Tuesday, November 04, 2008

LinkedIn Is Launching New Applications

In my opinion, LinkedIn is the best professional network on the web. However, they were lacking a lot of applications that other social network, such as MySpace, or Facebook, was owning for a while, especially applications that was allowing you to interract with other web 2.0 services. But actually, this not really what I was expecting to enhance the service.

Some cool apps
Mytravel app is pretty cool. It allows you to share with your community your planned trip, and hence, to meet with some of your contacts while you'll be at a specific town.
Also, I think it is cool to add up some blogs news on your page, as I consider my blog as the most important personnal marketing tool I own.

I must raise some concerns
My only problem is that it really messes up my profile page. That is what I hated about Myspace and the main reason why I did not use it, that was my concern with all the widgets spreading around on Facebook, and now it comes on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn it is even more problematic: your page is a resume, and the more you have on the more you dilute the main information about your career path.

I think there is plenty of space on LinkedIn's profile pages to get some widgets around. I am still curious on how people will actually use these new tools. I was more expecting LinkedIn developping some communities apps, like forum creations and so on.
What do you think about it?
I think