Monday, November 10, 2008

Those Signs That Betrade You

Henri Kaufman and PPC delivered recently a new video on those signs and behaviors that betrade your thoughts. Indeed, a lot of your postures are showing what you are thinking about what you are paying attention to, wether it is someone speaking, a movie you are watching and so on. As a communication professional, sales manager or marketer, knowing how to understand those sings are very important, because it can help you read the other person's mind. Here is the video, and below, the English translation.

7 Signs that betrade you:
  • The thumb hidden in the palm: That means you are worried, stressed, and that you feel unsecured. This is someone that has problem to open himself to others.

  • The nose: There are many signs you could have when someone is playing with his nose:
  1. Clinton used to scratch his nose during the Lewinsky trial. This is a mark that you are lying.
  2. Also when you point your finger on your nose, that means you are thinking and focus on what the other person is saying.
  3. If you are pinching it, that means it stinks, meaning that you are not agree at all with what they other person is talking about.
  • The mouth:
  1. The index touching the bottom of your lip, caressing it: you are thinking, trying to figure out a solution.
  2. The index caressing the top lip: I am also thinking, but I am trying to get the point, and understand the meaning of something.
  3. Lips closed: You are not listening to, you are not agree with.
  4. Hand on the mouth, the palm turning on the speaker: I am agree, and I am looking for a solution.
  5. Hand on the mouth, the palm turning toward your mouth: I don't want to talk.
  • The Chin:
  1. The index tapping the chin: I made my decision.
  2. The fist, closed, placed under the chin: I am deeply focusing.
  • The cheek
  1. The hand placed on the cheek, and the index toward the ear: I am thinking
  2. The index caress the cheek, right under the eye: I'd like to have further details and know more.
  • The ears:
  1. scratching your ear: I am not listening too, it doesn't interest me, and I won't do it.
  2. You are caressing the top of your ear: I like what you are saying, and it flatters my ego.
  3. You are caressing the ear lobe: I am undecised.
  • Scratching the top of the occipult: I am in a deep thinking process.