Monday, January 05, 2015

Zappos Experimenting Social Shopping With Pinterest: Pintpointing

Social Commerce and Social Shopping have brought a lot of hype those past two years. Social media indeed has sprung up to become part of our daily lives. And marketers are still looming on how to leverage sales and marketshares thanks to these new media. But not a lot of them have been able to unlock the real potential of social media in terms of sales growth.

Amazon's owned company Zappos is one of the most creative e-merchant. They have about a year ago a new project in order to leverage Pinterest's success into a source of marketing and sales. The project was called Pintpointing. It allowed Zappos to propose product propositions based on Pinterests posts of one person. 

Zappos already lets users share what they buy through Facebook Inc. (FB), Twitter Inc. and Pinterest. While consumers share more often on Pinterest than on the other two social networks, sales from Pinterest posts contribute the smallest amount of revenue, Young said.
Zappos users were 13 times more likely to share a purchase on Pinterest than on Twitter and 8 times more likely to share on Facebook than Twitter, Young said. Even so, posts on Twitter brought in the most revenue -- an average of $33.66 an order -- while Facebook posts garnered $2.08 per order and sales from Pinterest were 75 cents on average, he said.
Pintpointing is a real marketing one to one project, and I wonder if it really worked. Indeed, I have tried to look for concrete results to share with you, without success.

Nevertheless, I believe that such an experimentation is important, because indeed, proposing great proposals based on social media activities is probably a great marketing tool.