Monday, January 26, 2015

Why You Should Be Under Scheduling

I found on the web an article that I totally agree with. Most of the time, in our business world, we don't stop piling up assignments, meetins, tasks, as we want to achieve as much as we can. Some people may also believe that the more your agenda is filled, the more effective you are.

But this is not the way LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner sees things. Indeed, he on purpose under schedule his agenda to find free time.

I totally agree with his vision. At some point of my career, I was working like crazy. I did have no time to do anything but the assignments people were giving to me. I may have accomplished a lot, but was I really at my best? Was I really giving the best I could to the company that was hiring me? I don't think so. I was not able to provide any creativity, was not able to analyse the methods, the way I was organized, to see how I may be more effective, more efficient, and get better results.
It is important that you always find a way to step aside, and meditate on what you are actually doing, where you are heading on the long run. This may not be tasks you may measure in terms of stats, but this is at this time that you actually provide the best of what you can do.

As I sometimes say, Steve Jobs has not invented the Ipad while filling up some Excell sheet.