Thursday, January 29, 2015

How Handball Coach Claude Onesta See Management

Claude Onesta has been for 14 years now the head coach of the French Handball Team. He has experienced tremendous results, with multiple World Championship, Olympic gold medals, and European titles. The French team of handball is among the longest and most prolific dynasty in collective sport.

Claude Onesta has also worked a lot as a consultant for French companies, trying to explain the way he perceives leadership, and how to adapt its success in the corporate world. I remember to have read an article where for example he was explaining that managers should not be selected for their individual results. Indeed, it is not the fact that a person is the best at what it does (for example, selling products, buying the best, the most efficient at the operational tasks) that he will be a good leader allowing people to improve and perform. Being good at the task and managing people requires different skills. This is the reason why most of coaches are not the greatest players of their sports (as a basketball and soccer fan, it is very true).

Here is a very deep insight.

Nowadays, people are asked to act under the pressure of emmergency and to succeed. With this brief, the manager tends to minimize its vision to focus on few elements he can control and focus on. There is hence a high risk to freeze. In sport as in the corporate world, there are always unpredictable things coming up. Companies needs to develop the skills of adaptability, which is impossible under heavy procedures. People need to have the ability to adapt and create, to understand the meaning of their tasks and missions. 

Claude Onesta believes in the power of delegating tasks, which allow people to unleash their creativity, energy and their responsability.

In terms of results, what is amazing about Claude Onesta has been its ability to last, always by incorporing different generations of the team, in order to secure the wins of the day, and build to win in the future.