Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Example Of How Corporate Governance And Ethic May Impact Your Customer Relationship Management

We leave in a world where information goes faster and faster, and where your customers are more aware than ever about their environment. They do care about their own ethic, and aslo about the ones of their "stakeholders": government, public persons, companies, brands... I found this great letter on Twitter

As it shows, corporate ethic do have an impact on the relationship you have on your customers. Obviously, this is a specific case, but it does show well couple of facts about customer relationship management:
  • Your customers know about your company: Annual reports, economic news, social media... People are aware about anything you do wrong. Also, those kind of facts show up very easilly. Before, it was rare to see scandals, but now, to hide something bad is very tough.
  • Your corporate behavior, trying to save money by lowering wages, using unealthy products, tax optimization among others do have an impact on your brand, and therefore your customer relationship management. As it is said clearly, the person associate the loyalty it has with the company with how the company manages its business