Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Do Amazon Really Need A Store Network To Perform In The Long Term? Delivery Lockers May Be A Great Solution

CEO of Carrefour Georges Plassat often says that he does not see where the long term strategy of Amazon will lead the company to. Plassat believes that in order to perform in the long term, brick&mortar companies are ahead of e-merchants as the key is to own a strong retail network to provide customers with better customer experience, more service, and more convenience in terms of delivery. 

But what could actually save Amazon is the initiative they launched couple of years ago. Indeed, Amazon owns in several locations now delivery lockers, located in different stores like Seven Eleven. I believe that this strategy could be great in the long term. Indeed, some retail chains don't have any interests in launching an ecommerce activity. That is the case of seven eleven, or maybe chains like Mc Donald's. Both of them could benefit from a partnership with Amazon to generate traffic, new revenues, at a low cost.

Delivery lockers have appeared not a long time ago, and probably we will find new generation lockers, which could maybe propose more service, and with the rise of the mobile usage, probably delivery lockers could become a mainstream solution to go around the bargain of home delivery (when you are not home for instance).