Friday, January 02, 2015

The Next Device Apple May Launch To Change The World

What has been fascinating about Apple is its ability to go beyond customers expectation by launching products that will change the world. It was the case with the MacIntosh, the first computer that was designed to respond to anyones need and simple of utilization. The case with the Ipod, which changed the way we consume and listen to music. Then the Iphone obviously, and then the Ipad.

What is great is that nowadays, all these innovations seem to be part of our everyday life, while at the time totally new.

It looks like a connected pen. Now, there are a lot of thoughts that are coming through my mind while I saw this news:

- This is the first real innovation that will come up for Apple since Steve Jobs death.
- This may also be the reason why we have a clear pic on what they were working on. When the Ipad or Iphone were launched, nothing was known about those projects. Now, infos are leaking.
- Is it really something out of the standards? Stylet already exist, and Samsung is thriving on the segment of large smartphones with the stylet technology. Back in 2005 I already had a windows pocket with a stylet.

The last question is the most important one: How could Apple make something outstanding, really new from a stylet? This is what Steve Jobs was good at: Innovating from devices already known, making them totally different, high tech, and easy to use. And that will be the greatest challenge of the post Steve Jobs era for Apple. I wish them sincerely good luck.