Friday, July 03, 2009

Mobile marketing Could Be Use For Any Kind Of B to C Business

Are you a frequent reader of my blog? If you are, you probably know how faithful I am in mobile marketing. I believe mobile are soon to become the greatest way to bond with your consumers. Most of customers own one, and it is well known it is the preferred tool people have on them 24/7. Now, some people are not so fan of mobile marketing, because they estimate it is so far used by a certain type of people, and hence, it is difficult to target people.

Of course, early adopters and technology savvy people use it and this is a great marketing segment. But I found this very interesting article on how to use mobile marketing in an overal marketing mix.

This article exposes many different examples on uses of mobile marketing, and by very different kind of actors:

  • Audi in the car business, with its succesful campaign which reached 3.5 million downloads. for the Audi A4 Driving Challenge game.
  • A Mexican Beer producer I have never heard of before, called Pacifico which introduced a rooster alarm clock app that crows.
  • Even Kraft in the food business launched an app on Ipone:
What does It show? Mobile marketing shouldn't be considered as an elite marketing tool. Any kind of business could think about using those kind of marketing actions, because in fact, customers are already using these technologies.