Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7 Keys To Be A Good Marketer

My friend and marketing expert Henri Kaufman has recently received an award of the "Cercle du marketing direct" (somehow the French Direct Marketing Association), for his accomplishments. He took advantage of the event to provide us with a brand new video explaining us the 7 keys to be a good marketer.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably in the marketing field as I am, and you'll probably be interested in these explanations. Here are the translated tips.
  1. You need to use your two brains: A good marketer must be creative and somekind of an artist, to create great and innovative ideas. But it also needs to be rational, and measure return on investment meanwhile handling budget and campaign costs. Customers' decision making process are complex and using both an emotional and a relational point of view. A marketer must be able to deal with both entities to provide the accurate message (which is pretty tricky somehow).
  2. This is an all round job: Nowadays, marketers have a complete and balanced job. They have to deal with multiple projects, multi channel communication and multiple tools to measure return on investment. A good marketer therefore must be multi tasking and master all the aspects of the job.
  3. Just Do It: That is my motto (well more Nike's one), but I believe this fit with this one. You must dare! Dare to do. Do not hesitate to try new things, to go beyond others would thing. Isn't it where your added value is? You need to go beyond the rules. You must have a wider vision than ordinary.
  4. Don't let negative vibes overrule you: You can't let negative vibes stop your path. And trust me, they'll be a load of it. You must keep a positive mindset, and trust your ideas all the way in. Somehow, like an entrepreneur would.
  5. Go beyond that first great idea: You must constantly seek for new ideas. The more you are working your ability to find ideas, the more you'll have. A great idea is good, but you should always look for new ideas. If you don't use it now, you might use them later.
  6. No regrets: Do not regret the ideas you loved that was not accepted by your boss or your client. If you have tons of ideas, you should trust your skills to find other ones.
  7. Be curious: Be curious to the world. You must explore new things. Customers are constantly changing, so does technology and media. Hence, you should always look for the new innovations, the new trends.
As a professional marketer, I try on a daily basis to apply these tips, and hope to do it the best.
If you are a French speaker, you should also watch the video.