Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amazon Acquires Zappos for $850 Million

Amazon has just acquired shoe online retail Zappos could be considered as the most innovative and trendy online company of the past few years, for $850 million. They are selling shoes online, which is actually pretty common, but in such a manner that it makes them totally unique.

Indeed, Zappos has created such a corporate culture that it fashioned customer service. By providing the best to its customers, in terms of responsability, of fun, it ensures itself to provide a great customer experience.

Now Amazon would like to use the ideas and processes of Zappos to freshen its business and apply it to other departments of the company. I find that pretty cool for Zappos to be able to count on such a large online retailer, which could probably help them with growing sustainably.

But also, as Robert Scoble Tweeted, I am concerned about what made Zappos incredibly successful: Its corporate culture. I find that hard to believe to think that Amazon will be able to copy Zappos' culture. As a small business, with no large investors to please, Zappos could develop its own way, but Amazon is so huge that it is hard to believe such an organization could make Zappos' model work.

Anyways, I wish Zappos will benefit from it, and hope it will be very successful in the future.