Friday, July 10, 2009

Is Seesmic Dead?

Do you know about Seesmic? Seesmic is nowadays a desktop client which enables its users to combine their Facebook and Twitter accounts among others.

But Seesmic, prior to that, was a start up focusing on online video conversations. The idea was to create a community of people which could talk together thanks to videos. Loic Lemeur, the founder of this company had a lot of faith in this business. Actually, I have been pretty impressed by the development of the company. Nevertheless, the crisis hit up the Silicon Valley, and it seems that Loic Lemeur has been seeking another path for its company.

This article of the New York Times exposes the reasons why Seesmic has changed its goals. Mainly, it seems that the video conversations was hard to be adapted by the mass market. I have been since the beginning doubtful about the fact Seesmic could become as big as blogging for example for that matter. But I still believe the idea is great and should be considered not as a mainstream service, but maybe to transform the service to propose it for example to companies for focus group or other ways.

That would be a pitty if indeed Seesmic would be abandonned.