Monday, July 20, 2009 And Customer Relationship Management

I have found recently a brand new start up, The service helps you find some movies and TV shows that will match your tastes. The service is well designed, and help you find movies upon your description, other movies you like among other features.

You can try to get a beta invitation on the website. What I like about Jinni is that it has a great customer relationship management mindset.
  • It provides a great service to customer, helping them to find the right product that will match their taste and needs.
  • It will also provides on a company point of view some cross selling capabilities, which is the main purpose of a CRM strategy.
  • It is a multi channel product. Jinni proposes you to get your movie either by buying them, renting them in the store or via a video on demand plateform.
Hence, I think this initiative is great and is actually a very efficient customer relationship management program. It encompasses both a great customer service, but also potential added sells for a company. You should think about how you could implement such a service to your business, it will be very powerful and a way of differenciation.

Here you'll see a great Jinni overview I have found on Youtube.