Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Sharing Economy

The time has recently published a great issue on the sharing economy. indeed, this is a clear trend that is modifying the way customers are dealing with the brands.

Companies like AirBnB Parking Panda (for parking spots), Vinted (for clothing), Uber (for Taxis) are changing deeply the business models of the companies they are fighting for. Will it become a major stream? The sharing economy is just a clear evidence that customers are taking over the relationship with companies. Clearly, they can organize themselves in such a way they can be a counter power to big corporations.

It is just the beginning of the trend. How will your company react to such a change? It is important to see how the business modells may evovle to the new demand. Will we someday see some companies actually encouraging and shifting business model to benefit from the sharing economy? 

A topic to follow.