Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How Our World Has Changed

Here is a pic I saw created a big hype on LinkedIn lately.

This quote gives indeed a lot of food for thoughts.

Business Modells Change Faster Than Expected
Who would have thought even 5 years ago all these new business modells created on the base of network instead of concrete businesses that master all the key components. This is the reason why even cool start ups from the end of the 2000s struggle to reinvent themselves. The tempo is really fast, and agility is important. Actually, when you read this list, you can clearly see that it is the most agile companies that win it at the moment.

In 2015 it is the most specialized companies that thrive
Companies don't master all the components of their business. Nevertheless, they are able to deliver great service. How do they do? They mostly create a great interface with large audience in order to propose the best service.

In 2015 there is room for small businesses
If big corporations focus on creating network and service rather than developping a whole business from bottom to top, that means there is a lot of room for entrepreneurs to thrive. So go and create your marketplace, go and create your taxi service, go and create your Youtube page. This is what is great right now. Obviously it will be difficult to create a competitor to those companies, but they create real eco systems.