Tuesday, April 28, 2015

CRM in the Health Industry: Benefiting From The Connected Objects

Connected Objects is the next big thing in the high tech industry. The potential added value given to people is huge, and therefore, I believe it may have an impact on how to percieve CRM. When the Iphone emerged with its applications, it enable brands to interract in a new fashion, with a sky of opportunities to strengthen the link.

The Times has recently published an article called "Data Mine: The Next Revolution in Personal Health May Be The Little Step Tracking Band on Your Wrist".
"Research firm ABI estimated that 42 million wearable fitness and health devices were shipped in 2014, up from 32 million in 2013. The movement even has a name - the quantified self."
"Once tracking has become ubiquitous, it could produce a health revolution. Right now, doctors have to wait for us to feel bad enough to bring our bodies into the shop... Data tacking could make it a lot easier for someone who is, for exampe, trying to manage a weight problem...
And personal data can mean personalized health care. The real winner may not be the company that makes the best device, but the one that can produce a meaningful signal out of the noise of personal data/."

I totally agree with the article. I believe that once health companies may get those type of data, they will be able to propose better treatment and better help to their patient. And I believe there is a lot of room for opportunities in Healthcare companies to benefit from this new trend.