Monday, April 06, 2015

How To Use Colors in Your Retail Marketing Strategy?

Colors are key in the communication process. Indeed, people, depending on their cultures tend to assimilate colors with emotions and feelings. This is the reason why when you develop a logo, a product or a store concept, it is important to understand how to use the pictures. Indeed, most of the time, the colors of one logo is more familiar to people than the logo itself.

I read this very interesting blog post, that details the different usages of colors and their meanings in a marketing and retail stand point.

What I like about this infographic:

  • The way to have specific colors depending on your target (something that could be done in a retail environment)
  • The segmentation of colors.

In terms of customer relationship management, obviously when you customize your communication, either on a website, on an application and/or by emailing/mailing, it could be wise to have a range of colors you could adapt depending on the situation/your target. Something that could be thought more and I believe that could be very efficient.