Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Customer Centricity Starts From Dealing With Your Employees First

I am using an article I recently read in Forbes about customer centricity in six steps. One of the steps I would like to emphasize, and actually that I emphasized a lot in this blog already: Treat your employees first, then your customers. Indeed, your employee is the best image your company can give to your customers. 

They reflect two kind of images:
  • The professionalism and the skills of your brand
  • But also the way you treat people. If your customers feel that you neglect their customers how do you think they believe you would consider them.
Obviously, paying them well is a great way to show your gratitude. But more importantly, you need to empower them with education, tools, management, achievable goals, in order to get the best of their positive energy. This is actually how Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, Even though he recently launched an IPO, he believes his employees are at the core of the value generated by the company.

Hence, management and human resources have key roles in a customer relationship management strategy.