Thursday, April 23, 2015

Branding: The Evolution Of Logo

An old post that is still very relevant today. It explains how logo designing has evolved throughout the eras

Here are the highlights of the article:
  • Logo has existed since the begininng of human kind. Indeed, the first humans used to decorate their products, such as vases with symbols, which were representing some strong images, with a real meaning.
  • Logos has been used also to represent people. This is the essence of a signature. Kings used to have their own symbols that they left on their goods and homes, not to be forgotten.
I also like the conclusion of the article:
For now, brand identity design is thriving. Branded design environments (like a website with an integrated design strategy expressing brand qualities) can coexist with traditional logo design. In the future — as always — it’s creative thinking that will lead the way. One valuable asset will be the willingness to take a risk when it comes time to develop a strategy for a brand’s visual persona. The faster technology propels our culture, the more design risk-takers we’re going to need.
Whatever changes may come, one thing will remain. As graphic artists and designers, we possess the power (just as any two year-old with a crayon does) to ascribe meaning to the world around us. We put an expressive face on raw information. The fundamental desire of humans to understand the world in visual terms is a desire that we can understand and foster. Graphic design’s ability to provide meaning and useful information will prove more valuable than ever during uncertain and challenging times.