Friday, February 13, 2009

Youtube Develops Interactivity With Street Fighter

Check out this youtube video.

This shows new features of Youtube. Now you are able to interact with the video. This is a great news, because it actually create an added value to the simple fact of watching a video.

New great features have come up lately in terms of video content.
  • We have seen with Seesmic that you could interact with communities thanks to video.
  • We have seen you could have dynamic content with new Internet enabled TVs.
  • Tivo demonstrates how you could propose customized content based on previous consumption.
  • Youtube is going a step further, by allowing the audience to interact with it. The audience could actually participate on the go to the program, and therefore contribute to the content.
I believe the perspective of this technology is great. What is sure, is that TV content consumption will dramatically change within the next few years thanks to all these new technologies.

I can't wait to see some new apps based on this technology to see a little bit better what could be the potential of it.