Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Retail And Technology

You probably know how important I believe new technologies (Internet and mobile devices) will impact traditionnal retail. Here is a video found on PPC's blog, showing the vision of Microsoft on how customers will shop thanks to new technologies.

Retails are becoming bigger and bigger whereas suppliers are expanding more and more their product ranges. This makes it difficult to shop, and technology can for sure improve the grocery shopper's experience.

Also, a very interesting point of this video, is about the checkout via the cellphone. There is a lot of room for improvement in this area, as it is common in Japan to use such a payment, and it is not developped at all neither in Europe nor in the US.

In France, a service called keyshopping launched a new service for customers. Shoppers can log on line and edit their shoplist, then print out the retail's map with the most efficient way to go through and get all the products they need.
This service has been already implemented in Auchan Velizy hypermarket. I will give you further details about the service will they will provide me with the videos explaining the concept you can find on their website.