Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Michael Jordan and Failure

Here is a commercial with Michael Jordan talking about failure. I watched it randomly as I was going through some basketball games on Youtube. I think this commercial is very inspiring as it is exposing a key factor of success: trying. My grand father used to say "if you are never taking the shot, you will never know if it would have got in". This is actually very true. There is a long history of people that have failed prior experiencing great success.

Here are some examples:
  • Steve Jobs has been fired by the company he's created. At this point most of the experts were considering Apple was going in limbo as Microsoft was dominating the market with Windows.
  • French businessman François Pinault, one of the wealthiest man in France, has failed as a student, quitting school at age 16, before being hired by his wife's father. He is know ruling the biggest luxury brand holding in the world.
  • Silvester Stallone was totally broke and has never been able to launch his actor career before he wrote Rocky, which became one of the biggest international blockbuster of the 80's.
  • Donald Trump has gone many times broke.
In the American culture of entrepreneurship, failure is actually considered as a good thing, because it shows the ability of someone to undertake projects, but also they believe that a failure is a great experience in order to not make the same kind of mistakes.

That is the reason why I like the speech in this commercial, that emphasize the importance of failure sometimes to become successful.