Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blackberry Curve 8900

I have recently bought a blackberry curve 8900. If you know me well, you probably know that it has always been my dream to own such a device. I actually had to fight for it as I have explained in this blog to get it, because if some trouble with the phone house, the eretailer I ordered it from. Anyways all of these problems are over, and I actually believe that the phone house has been very understanding and paid me back with no pain.

As I have promessed to Nicolas Clairembault, who actually bought recently the same phone, I thought it would be a good idea to post my first blog note from my blackberry to give you my feedback about this phone.

My Needs
I decided to get a blackberry for different reason. First of all, I wanted an advanced organizer, with easy to use calendar and task management feature. Secondly, I wanted a tool to check my emails at all time, even while I could not access a computer. Thirdly, it was important for me to have a way to blog on the go, and therefore to not forget some ideas. Lastly, I wanted to have an easy way to check my favorite blogs and podcasts.

My opinion
So far everything is doing great. The full keyboard is very convenient to type in emails and meetings. The interface is also very easy to understand. I would like though to change the home page to show tasks and the schedule, but I don't know yet if that is possible.

Also I am very happy about the RSS feed reader, which makes it easy to go through. The web browser is pretty good too.

The great new features are basically the Internet connections: whereas the previous versions were based on the wap technology, this one is equiped with wifi and edge. This is very easy to configure with a local wifi system. Also the phone come with a 1gb memory stick and an enhanced camera of 3.2 mega.

I am still figuring out the different advanced features but so far I really enjoy this device.
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