Wednesday, February 25, 2009

About to delete my website

I own the domain name since 2006 and have been hosting my personal website on it since then. The idea was to create a sort of enhanced resume that I could add up to my paper one, in order to show my interest for the web and provide extensive infos about my skills and accomplishments. That was indeed prior to the raise of online business network like viadeo or linkedin, and also the blog explosion (I actually opened my blog before my website in 2005).

But for quite a while now I have been wondering about the interest of my website. It is indeed very difficult to update and to get new content into it, and I fell in love with blogging. Therefore there is right now very few interest in keeping my website, as my audience is erratic compared to my blog.

I am hosted by ovh, and lately I have been receiving some emails warning me they were about to shut down my site because I have over passed the number of visits for the service I have subscribed for. This is the third consecutive month that such a thing happen, and therefore I am not willing to promote a site that I am not sure my audience can access. Moreover, I am not interested in paying more for a product I barely have the use for.

Therefore I am considering hosting this blog onto the domain, which actually will help me to get more exposure in search engines. My only issue is that I liked to own my website to give access to pdfs and documents (thesis, presentations or brochures I have edited) that would demonstrate my professional skills. Therefore I am willing to seek for alternatives to provide the samz kind of service. Probably Iwould use, but still I'd like to have a way to host these documents for free and to provide an easy access via this blog.

If you have any suggestions, let me know, I'd be happy to have your feedback.

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