Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trader Joe's 2.0 Commercial

Here is a video found on one of my favorite blog, The Social Customer Manifesto blog. This is a commercial that has been edited by Trader Joe's customers that took videos and pictures of their retail. What is great about the video, is that you can see how objective it is.

The key takeaway:

"The video is mostly complimentary but shows Trader Joe's warts and all. Once input has been gathered from across the Web, put together a report with some qualitative findings that can be discussed internally within the organization. Remember, a brand isn't what you say it is—it's what they say it is." (emphasis added)

This kind of initiative remains very rare, but it shows well what kind of benefits a brand could get from working with its customers to create marketing programs.

When customers are involved, they are able to give a good outlook of what a company really is. I wish this kind of ad will be copied by other brands.