Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Credit Offers To Boost Sales During Crisis

Best Buy is famous worldwide for using data to make strategic decisions. In the past they've already used some data mining to reorganize their stores's sections, to fit with the local specificities (as presented in Pierre Volle's book about customer relationship management).

As the crisis is still going on the financing question is key. That is the result of a Best buy study on their sales since the crisis has started. Indeed, over 1000 dollars products like TVs and home theatres are impacted by the current economical issues.

Thanks to this study, that pointed out this fact, Best Buy launched a new financing programs enabling customers to buy via a credit.

This article brings up two very important fact. First of all, it shows how customer relationship management program can drive strategic decisions. Secondly it shows how financing is a very important factor of consumption and, beyond it, of customer relationship management.
I have actually dedicated a blog article about how credit could be a customer relationship tool, about 6 months ago. This is even more true right now. As consumption is difficult, companies should emphasizes on how to help customers to consume. I believe financing is going to be an important sales trigger within next few months.