Friday, February 18, 2011

SEO Strategies In 2011

I have attended a conference about the new trends of SEO in 2011 during the E marketing Forum in Paris in January. Unfortunately I have not written the name of the speaker, but it was very interesting to see those trends. Indeed, even tough social media gets more and more important in search, Google still rules the Internet world, and its influence is constantly getting bigger by adding new features, like Google shop, or Android for mobile devices (both tablets and phones).

Here are the main ones I have got:

  • SEO benchmarking: One of the main trend in managing SEO will be to look after your competition. Now that the market is getting mature, strategy will have a key role. Some companies may hence focus on flushing the keywords, in order to get a lot of traffic and drive sales, but some others are focusing on having a high return on investment. Depending on your competition’s strategy, you should adapt yours in order to be more efficient.
  • Google Speedy: I did not know much about Google Speedy prior to the conference. Speedy aims to run faster search for Google. And it will change the way Google approach web pages, and therefore, it will have an impact on the way you will conceive your codes, to be well ranked. Speedy is at an early stage, but like always with Google, it should move fast.
  • Google Preview: Google preview is a new feature of Google, which I actually use a lot, especially on my chrome navigator. It allows you type a keyword and instantly you can see propositions of keywords. It speeds up the way you search. And hence, it influences how searchers are looking for information. Therefore, the value of keywords will change, because it will be influenced by the new results Google Preview is going to provide.
    Google Products: Google products aim to ease the searching process of e-buyers, by providing a large outlook of which e-merchant propose what product.
  • Devices: A lot of devices are now equipped with the Internet. Of course, the mobile Internet is going to rocket within the next few years, but also TVs and tablets are empowered with the Internet. And those new devices, and the way we interact with them is going to change the way we are surfing the Internet. And hence, we may see new results showing up, different from the ones we have right now. It may also change the query, with the need of more local information than right now. Maybe Google is going to integrate Foursquare results in its results, as it did with Twitter?

    What is sure is that SEO remains an art, and 2011 will see a lot of new things showing up.

    What do you think about it?