Saturday, February 05, 2011

Cars Empowered With Social Media: The Future Is Near

I think I found what my next car will be. It is called the Mini Cooper Connected and it seems very promising. You will find here a video showing you out why.

The Mini Copper has a social media feed from Facebook, check your Twitter account, you may connect to Google maps to find places to visit... We may imagine a Foursquare feature which would propose you to check in in a glance.

This is a very cool way to think how the car will be in the future. Actually, it has been years that car manufacturers are thinking about bringing the Internet inside the car. But nobody has really brought those projects to life. It is actually interesting to watch this new concept. Indeed CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn was at Leweb this year, and was discussing with Loic Lemeur about how to incorporate Internet in cars. And as you will see in this video, is why quite pessimistic about setting up a car empowered with Internet. In his opinion, for security reasons, car manufacturers should not equip cars with Internet because it could distract drivers. Of course I understand that security must be the top priority for a car...

I believe that in the end, we will all have the Internet in our cars, and this will be great. As Mini Cooper is part of the BMW group, I can't wait to see what these "connected features" will be in premium BMW models.

What do you think about it?