Sunday, February 20, 2011

Be Careful About Facebook Terms of Use For Your Marketing Campaigns

Setting Up marketing campaigns on Facebook is becoming more and more popular. The obvious advantage of the solution is that you can bond with your customers thanks to Facebook like never before. In terms of customer relationship management, that implies conversing with them, but also benefit from the fast spread potential of the platform.

But this medium remains for a lot of marketing departments a land to explore, and misuse is common. I was reading the great blog of Mickael Guillois, French expert in digital marketing, which was writing about the issues French retailer Kiabi experienced with its Fanpage.

Kiabi owned at this time 130 000 fans on its fan pages. Due to a marketing campaign based on a game which did not respect the terms of use of Facebook, Kiabi saw its page shut down by Facebook. Kiabi probably spent a lot of effort building this community, and losing all its followers due to a bad campaign is pretty disappointing.

Hence, Mickael, in order to avoid these kinds of trouble, gave us 3 great advices to prevent it to happen:

  • Don’t use your wall to create a campaign/game. You should rather create a specific tab to display it.

  • Specify clearly on this page that Facebook is not participating in the game.

  • Respect the country’s legislation.

    Hope it will help you…