Thursday, February 03, 2011

Netvibes Is Missing The Ipad Revolution

I am the happy owner of an Ipad since this christmas. To be honest with you, I am very happy about it. I did not quite expect such a great experience navigating online with this new device. I am especially enjoying reading online newspapers, either on their websites or on applications they have set. I read mainly Le Figaro (French), and El Pais (Spanish). But there was one application that I was really eager to check: Flipboard.

When Flipboard was released, it made a lot of buzz on the Internet. It was a really cool way to use Twitter, and as I use Twitter as one of my primary source of information for my blog, I expected a lot about it. And to be honest with you, I really like it. It is really cool, and really look like an actual newspaper. It is easy to check interesting articles, and to read them thanks to it. Actually, Flipboard became one of my main tool to read news. I use it every morning.

Here is a video showing out the strengths of Flipboard.

Now there was another service that I used to check daily to get information for my blog, and overal information: Netvibes. Netvibes has been around for years now, and has been one of the leader in the Internet technology for quite a while. There RSS reader and organizer was a great product. You may get all the information you want, and organize it the way you wanted it.

But lately, especially as Twitter has become so huge, I have left my Netvibes on the side. So now that I am checking out all these new applications newspapers have released and Flipboard. I was wondering if Netvibes has created an application. Therefore I asked the question on my Twitter account, and CEO of Netvibes Freddy Mini responded to me that they did not, but instead, had a netvibes HTML5 version which was cool to use on Ipad.

But as I checked it, I did not find anything interesting. This is a pitty, because I have tons of RSS feeds on my Netvibes, and as I have checked creating a lot of buzz, as they try to recreate a Newspaper from who you follow on Twitter (I believe it is very poor right now), Netvibes would be the best placed to do so. Netvibes has tons of informations about the things you read, and they even know how you have ranged it, in which sections.

I imagine clearly what a Netvibes Ipad version inspired by both and Flipboard would be.

I really hope something is going to show up, because so far I have no intention to visit my Netvibes page.

What do you think about it?