Friday, February 11, 2011

M-Commerce: Domino’s Pizza Iphone App Generates $1.3 million In Sales

M commerce remains a land that needs to be conquered. Now that smartphone sales are rocketing and the usage of mobile Internet is adopted by the mass market, now people are seeking for new ways to take advantage of this new main business trend. And one of the most promising one is the payment potential of mobile.

Not a lot of cases studies exist in mobile commerce sites which are actually profitable. But couple of days ago, I found this very interesting article. Domino's Pizza Iphone application generated $1.3 millions in sales!

The application, which was launched in September 2010 for the UK market, has been promoted on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and reached 400 000 downloads.

“The challenge was to create an app which made it easy and fast to order a pizza, but at the same time offered something more to engage users and reinforce the personality and key attributes of the Domino’s brand,” said James Millett, multimedia manager at Domino’s Pizza.

“Our Web site is already optimized for mobiles but we wanted to make it even quicker and easier for customers to get a piping hot pizza, wherever they are,” he said.

The applications lets users find the closest Domino’s locations and pizzas can be customized by pinching to resize the size of the pie and choosing from a variety of toppings.

Additionally, iPhone users can enter to win money off of their next order by popping their pizza in the oven and swiping or blowing away the steam to reveal a code.

While Domino’s is preparing the actual pizza, customers can keep tabs on its progress with the real-time pizza tracker (OK, in my opinion, this part might be a little bit too much...).

The application also includes a pizza slot machine that lets customers shake their phone and randomly choose from Domino’s 75 million combinations of base, sauce and toppings (it is a cool feature, but wouldn't it be awesome also if you could check what people are ordering at the same time on Twitter? Could turn the app a little bit more social!).

Here is a video showing you how the application actually works.

It is actually pretty new that Pizza makers are using the Internet to take orders. But Domino's Pizza went one step further with this new tool. And indeed, let's think about it, most of the time you order a pizza on your phone, and it would be pretty convenient to be able to pay the pizza right away, as you won't need to get crazy by seeking for money to give tips to the pizza guy...

It is also great for the company, which may now improve staff productivity as it does not need to deal with payments any longer, combined with the fact that the order is also automatically typed into the system.

Now this shows well how a m commerce website may work: It is improving the customer experience by improving the payment process. And what gives also value to the m commerce platform is that you may customize your product thanks to the same application. It reinforce my opinion that mobile marketing will help generate foot visits in store, and hence generate more business to traditional retail.

What do you think about it?