Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Social Media To Manage Customer Complains

Social Media gives a great powers to users, allowing them to broadcast any kind of problems they experienced with a brand. Before the arrival of social media, it was difficult for customers to be listened by companies as they had to form customer associations to have a chance to be read by a company and taken into considerations. Now with social media, any individual has the chance to make noises.

Therefore, you may expect an increase into customer complains via this new medium. There are two main ways to react about it:
You don’t want to interact with it. This is what most companies would do. As they are afraid of what they don’t know, meaning having a clear interaction with customers, they would rather ignore it to focus on the same old mass media to hide the growing word of mouth on line.
You could decide to monitor this feedback, and try to analyze it for better use. You should take this new trend as an opportunity to improve your products, your customer relationship management. Facing customer complains is the best way to avoid major problems that could cause you much problems.

I like the concept of enterprise feedback management, solutions that aims to get feedback from people whenever they get in touch with the brand, either by phone, in store or on the web. These comprehensive solutions are very interesting, and they should also focus on social media, because as a matter of fact it might be the best way to interact with customers.