Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My Thoughts About Dauphine's Master Prices

Lately the university of Paris Dauphine has claimed they were about to raise the prices of certain of their masters, which price range would start from 400 € to 4 000 €. This might seem cheap to most of you, especially the US audience that is used to spend tons of money to access the best university program.

Dauphine the exception
Now Dauphine is an elite school. Certain of its programs, like Finance or management, are among the best in Europe. It developed a reputation of excellence as several executives of global companies came from this school. But Dauphine is not like any business school. It is a public school, based on the French public university system. It has always had a particular status. Hence, since its creation in 60s, it had a specefic status that gave it more money, but also some privileges like selection processes other universities would not be able to use.

But Dauphine has a great challenge to face. As the globalization process speeds up, the competition is going international for universities. And owning the best professors and phds requires money and infrastructure. This is the reason why Dauphine is looking for new ways to increase its revenues, and therefore to provide the best to students.

Hence the main goal of this raise in scholarship aims to recruit professors, to boost the research effort.

I have studied in Paris Dauphine and I am proud of it. I believe Dauphine has a bright future in front of it. And actually, this raise of the cost of Paris Dauphine remains acceptable. Dauphine's master, if they cost 4000 € they are still among the most affordable ones, and it might even help those masters to increase its values by improving classes and infrastructure.

And you, what do you think about it?