Thursday, February 18, 2010

Next Generation Kart's to boost retailer's CRM programs

Most retailer's CRM programs are based on membership and loyalty reward programs. These little plastic cards allow retailers to geyt data from customers and hence have a more efficient commercial offer, to boost sales.

But there are three different timings when these programs trigger the purchase decision making of customers:
- Prior to have entered the outlet: thanks to advertising on brochures, mailings, internet websites, emails and more and more often cell phones.
- During grocery shopping thanks to end of the aisle display, special offer stoppers, and so on.
- After the sales process. At the cashier coupons are given based on the previous purchase to push some cross selling or upselling techniques. If someone gets a
Coffee machine, you could give them coupons for the appropriate coffee caps.

But soon, we'll have smart karts that will boost even more those programs. Auchan already proposes a self scanning method: they give you at the entrance of the store a scanner and let you scan your products along your shopping. Then you don't go through a cashier, but to a specific desk where you pay.

Thanks to these new scanner, it provides data during your shopping process. And hence instead of proposing a cross selling or an upsell when you are done with shopping, you could actually gets it during the process, in a way more efficient manner.

Now this technique must be taken into consideration with caution. Indeed, the shopping experience shouldn't be packed up with a lot of those type of interference, because that would result in an horrible threshold. But I believe this would allow retailer to be more reactive and interactive with their promotion techniques.

What do you think about it? Do you already have examples about these systems?
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