Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking has a bright future ahead of it. As Internet has already revolutionized the bank market, by allowing customers to access
their bank account and to make action at anytime, it has changed the way customers use their money. Now that Internet is going mobile, and that cell phones are getting smarter and smarter, empowered by Internet and applications, mobile banking is going to create a new revolution.

- The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) ( and its official research partner, Luth Research (, today released highlights from the latest US Consumer Briefing, a monthly survey of U.S. adult consumers about their mobile marketing behaviors and opinions. Available exclusively to MMA members, the new survey shows that 17 percent of all adults currently use mobile banking, with interest levels suggesting that usage will grow to 22 percent within the next year.

The usage of mobile banking uses three media:
  • mobile Web browser (11 percent of respondents),
  • SMS (8 percent),
  • Applications (5.5 percent)
I believe mobile banking could substentially grow by developing applications adapted to customers's needs. When I see what mint in the US has been able to accomplish with personnal banking and the Internet technology, I believe that the mint concept could be great on mobile devices. Hence according to the survey, half of the respondents are interested in such solutions.

Also, mobile banking might be a great way to earn marketshares for pure players, like boursorama in France, or ING, which doesn't own retails, but could be by this tool constantly in touch with customers.