Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Facebook As A Leading Traffic Generator

Social media has now become a main stream, and hence we can now see how it has changed the way we consume the Internet. On a business prospective, I have found this article which is pretty interesting. According to the results of a Compete.com research, Facebook.com has generated more visits on main websites like AOL or Yahoo than Google.

This shows that indeed Facebook has a huge potential in terms of generating leads on the web. The only think is that I believe Facebook hasn’t been able to unlish this fantastic potential. As I have spoken with several announcers on Facebook, they seem kind of deceived by their results. I believe a lot of people are trying to figure out how to make the best out of their social media investment. Also, I believe it is difficult to control the traffic generation on Facebook. Most of the traffic generated is done by word of mouth of users, and hence, it is pretty difficult to have a clear view of Facebook campaign’s efficiency.

Now we certainly understand why Google is so eager to make of Google Buzz a success. That would also be very interesting to see how Twitter can become an important way to generate visits on a website. I believe that these new media are changing the way we use the Internet, and hence, it will change the way we advertise on the web.

Facebook now counts for 12.4% of the traffic generation for the movie related websites, 2nd in the category, and samewise, 12.7% for the video websites.