Monday, September 22, 2008

Why I haven't posted much these past few days

I haven't really posted much these past few days and you might wondering why. Well, I have tons of ideas of blog articles, like always you are probably thinking. Maybe even too much, because I am still way back, and have tons of blog posts I need to do right now. Especially, complete my series of posts about the evolution of the distribution.

In fact, I have been very busy. I took care of paperworks at the French prefecture in order to get some papers for my girlfriend. I have also participated to many job fairs, and attended couple of job interviews. Meanwhile, my birthday was on Sunday (thanks for all the people that sent me some emails and posts on my Facebook's wall). So it was pretty hard to find some extra minutes to focus on the blog. But don't worry, you'll find new entries very soon, and I'll share with you some thoughts I had lately.

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