Wednesday, September 24, 2008 not such a good website

Adidas.comI have already talked last post that I am currently prospecting new shoes for next basketball season. Actually, this is not as easy as it seems. I am really struggling finding some that would fit me needs. Anyways, I have been an Adidas users for last three seasons. I like their gears, and that is the reason why I started looking for what was up with their products. I am actually very interested by the model hereby, TS lightspeed, that I found on the basketball section of

I went on their websites, and I actually found some nice shoes that looked like it was what I was seeking. However, there is a lot of things in this websites that bugs me and deceived me:
  • There is no prices. I know, the website is not an online store, but a price range would be sweet. I have no ideas what the prices of their shoes are, and therefore it is difficult to have an idea how much I should expect to pay.
  • I don't know where I can find my shoes: There is a list of retailers that provides Adidas gears. Cool. But I am looking for a specific model of basket ball shoes. I called some of the retailers listed and visited other ones. None of them have the items I was looking for. Some of them even told me they did not provide these ones, because it was the old porducts, and they should receive next one in October. That means I am playing with no shoes for a month?? That is very weird. My advice would be to have a link on the shoes we like on the website that will provide an extensive lists of the retailers that actually provides this specific model, not some Adidas products, but the model.
  • The online stores presentation is messy: Adidas don't own an online store of their own. Fine. They give a list of online stores where we can find models. Ok. But first of all none of the stores listed provide the basket ball shoes I am looking for. Second of all, the presentation is messy: They provide you a German, a British and a French store. Foremost, they advertise the German website which is (obviously) written in German! I am ok because I speak a little bit this nice language, but I want to buy it in France!!!
  • Which player use which shoes? That is a minor remark. But Adidas pays tons of $ to sponsor NBA players to wear their gears. They have a nice presentation of their NBA squad, with the stats of the players and their pictures. But I think they should add below the model they wear. That could be a nice add on. But again, not the priority though, even if it is a fast stuff to fix.
To summarize, I am deceived, a little bit mad because I don't find what I want. I think that Adidas should try to get an application that would link the different products they display on their sites, where you could find the stores that sell this specific item (and not any Adidas product). Also, I advice them to develop fast an online store application for the French website.

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