Friday, September 12, 2008

ilike, a very different start up

Ilike and Robert ScobleI invite you to read Robert Scoble article on his blog: In startup success blogs don’t matter, paradigm shifts do. He explains how Ilike, the famous social web application dedicated to share your music preferences with others, has become one of the greatest success story of the web even though they used very few conventional ways to promote their services.

Indeed, in the Silicon Valley, where web companies spring up, all of these eager-to-battle entrepreneurs are seeking for trendy spots where they will get exposure of a web 2.0 celebrity like Michael Arrington.

Scoble explains:"How did THAT happen? It wasn’t because they got bloggers all hot and bothered about them. They didn’t win any contests. I don’t even think they showed up at Demo or TechCrunch or other industry conferences. If they did, they didn’t cause any headlines on blogs about how they were going to be THE next hot thing.

What did they do? They were first out the gate on Facebook’s application platform. That was a real paradigm shift. It was the first application platform I remember where I could see the apps YOU had loaded."

Indeed, in this social web world, your website or application's financial value is based on the number of users you can get. Most of the business models are based on online advertising, and the more people logged on your site, the higher the interest is to advertise. But the fact is that it is more important to focus on delivering a great product, seeking for this "paradigm shift", instead of trying to look for an all star selection when you are nothing but a rookie.

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