Monday, September 08, 2008

Recruitment and web 2.0: Stonfield Inworld hires via Seesmic

Do you know about Seesmic? This is the new video social community on the web, created by French entrepreneur Loic Lemeur. The company ambitions to give a new dimension to web 2.0, enabling users to chat and converse with videos.

Even though Seesmic is still in a beta version, the community is pretty impressive. Now some new ways to use the service are springing. One of them that I find very interesting is the recruitment idea. Some companies have indeed started to use the website to hire some new bees.

Among them, I wanted to talk about Stonfield Inworld, a French web agency specialized in virtual worlds (like Second Life). They are using Seesmic to interview candidates. What I like about this idea is that you are able to check right away the candidate skills to communicate.
Further information can be found here.

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