Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why Big Brands Are So Effective On Social Media

Brands are part of our every day life. They have spent millions of dollars for decades in order to create some relationship with customers. This strong relationship between brands and customers is also important online, and especially on social media. Some of the most popular Facebook’s profile and/or Fan pages are some brand’s ones.

When social media started to boom 2 to 3 years ago, a lot of experts were wondering if larger companies were willing to invest in this media, or would be capable of. Indeed, most of the time, larger companies are “control freak”, and will never accept to lose control over its message.

This is the reason why it has been and is still difficult for them to include customers into the whole picture (no matter what they say). However, I read this very interesting article in the adage: . Big brands are dominating social media.

“The big question is: why aren't more small brands and start-up brands cashing in on mega social sharing? It is not an issue of production costs—TippEx and their clever bear-shooting interactive video are proof of that. Rather, it is a crisis imagination. True, big marketers may have access to more creative talent, but small brands need to demand from themselves a higher level of creativity. Small companies are known for their entrepreneurialism and imagination. In this era of crowdsourcing, it is easier than ever to generate some pretty good ideas.”

It is very interesting. Social media has become a mass media. Facebook is now used by more than 500 million people worlwide, which represents the third country in the world. Twitter is not that far from the 200 million marks and still counting. Therefore, the impact you may get is big. But smaller companies may have problems to understand how to leverage this new medium, which seems to fit both their needs and budgets.

What do you think about it?