Saturday, December 18, 2010

Augmented Reality For Real Estate

As you might know I have been working in the real estate industry back in 2007, while I was
in the Silicon Valley. It was very interesting to work on how you may use new technologies
to boost your business. At this time, real estate agents were starting using social networks like
Facebook, blogs and LinkedIn to get in touch with their clientele, but technology has evolved
fast since then. Especially mobile technologies.

has been built by a French company (cocorico!). The goal is to locate commercial real
estate thanks to the Iphone. Once an ad is posted, a detailed message shows up on the actual
building. Once you click on it, you access to the information and pictures of the place.
You may also locate offers nearby your location. The app will be officially released January,
15th 2011.

I believe this is a brilliant idea. The real estate industry is already very competitive with
real agents companies, websites and even peer to peer networks. Therefore, coming with an
added value service into the market, on a new mobile medium which seems to be promising, I
believe it is a great idea. What do you think about it?