Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chinese E commerce Company Innovate With Selling Volvo Cars

China is a fast growing country and is very interesting to follow. Indeed, due to the fact it
has been for several decades a poor country, restrained by communism, it is now growing so
fast they are avoiding some technological steps we took to get where we are right now. For
example, China has never known the boom of television, but is right now experiencing the

Chinese companies are now eager not only to produce for western countries, but are also
seeking for their own innovation, and ability to create added value. This is the reason why
I wanted to speak about this French article I read about Taobao, a Chinese btoC site which
I have never heard of, owned by Internet tycoon Alibaba

Hence, this website is planning on selling on their websites cars. Selling a car on the
Internet is nothing new as most car manufacturers have already set up their merchant sites.
Nevertheless, it is pretty difficult to do: Buying a car is a high risk and high cost investment.
Hence, a buyer has a long decision making process, and seeing the actual car has something
reassuring. But once again, in China, the car market is skyrocketing. If in Europe and the US
the industry is going in limbo as most of the market is equipped, China is right now buying a
lot of cars. And once again, as they have skipped some steps, they are buying them online.

I believe it would be interesting to check what is going on the Chinese web in the next years.
Because even though this industry is still ruled by the government with a lot of censor, I am
convinced the entrepreneurial mindset of Chinese people will bring us some novelties.

What do you think about it?