Friday, December 17, 2010

Google Improves Its Search results Thanks To Positive Comments

Google remain the master of online search. You may have good search results on Bing or
Yahoo, as a strategy you should focus on Google as it remains the largest web browser. This
is the reason why so many experts are trying to figure out Google’s algorithm, which rules all search results.

I found this very interesting article about Google’s algorithm, and how it somehow biased
the quality of its search results. Indeed, Google is taking into consideration the number of
comments a page may get.
It is important as a matter of fact, because if people comment
on something, that means that the article/product/website matters to them, and trigger some reactions.

But as the article shows, it was not taking into consideration either the comments were good or bad. And hence, it was biasing the results: A website with a large amount of negative comment would show up prior a better one with fewer reviews.

It is pretty difficult for Google to improve its results, as the web is changing fast. From the
beginning, it was difficult to develop such a great algorithm. But I like the fact they are eager to better their service.

What do you think about it?