Friday, December 10, 2010

Google Changes Its AdWords Agency Service

Google is becoming larger and larger, and as a global company, it is now seeking for new ways to scale and to improve their profitability. Therefore, they adopt a new customer relationship management strategy for their agencies clients. Agencies are key partners for Google Adwords service, which provide advertising tools in order to generate leads on websites.
Keyword advertising has become one of the most popular advertising media, even outside the Internet sphere, as return on investment is pretty easy to find out.

Google is changing its structure in order to respond in a more efficient way. Hence, Google strengthens its service for premium clients, while organizing a new phone service for minor ones. Hence, prior to the new structure, all clients had their own representative. But it will soon change.

What is interesting to see is how Google adapts to its new status, and now that keyword advertising has become common, it doesn’t need any longer such a large sales force.
Now it will be interesting to see the impact it will have in the long term on the ability of Google to keep a strong customer service with smaller agencies.