Monday, December 06, 2010

Is Facebook Lacking Of Innovation?

It might seem ackward to make this statement. Indeed, Facebook is revolutionizing the Internet, thanks to its ability to let people connect with each other, like never before. Nevertheless, Facebook is struggling to launch new features.

I was reading this very interesting article on Techcrunch. And I must admit. All the features they added overtime are just copycats:
  • Facebook groups: Aren't they somekind of web forums?
  • They have coppied Twitter with their updates system.
  • Facebook place is nothing else but what Foursquare has designed
  • Facebook emails: Do I really need to explain?
Now, what is scary about it is that Facebook is building up an ecosystem which might be dangerous for web neutrality. If you need to log on Facebook to manage all your online activities (even shopping now), Facebook will have the power to control everything. It is becoming so true, that new Internet experts are thinking about deleting websites to focus on managing Facebook's Fan pages...

Now is there any alternative to Facebook? Myspace has trailed blazes, but as we have seen recently, won't follow the social network goal. Some projects of open source social network are not working...

So, what will happen?