Thursday, December 30, 2010

Facebook To Have More And More Impact On Ecommerce Sales

Facebook is becoming more and more important for online merchant. Some of them are already selling straight from Facebook, like 1800 flowers or Amazon. But even though it is not used as a distribution channel, it may be used to leverage social media to boost sales. This is what is discussed in this interesting blog post.

"Since last holiday season, more than 1/2 of the top 25 retail sites have integrated with Facebook (comScore)," says Carroll. "17 of the 25 fastest growing retail sites are integrated with Facebook."

"On Black Friday, there was more than 6x the number of status updates related to retail purchases as the previous Friday," adds Carroll. "Referral traffic to the most active retailers on Facebook increased 70% over the period from Black Friday through Cyber Monday."

Just between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Levi's saw a 2x increase in the amount of likes and comments on their site, according to Facebook.

Social shopping is starting to show its power.