Thursday, June 18, 2009

Malls Among The Best Advertising Medium

Who would thoughts that mall would turn into a great advertising medium? A lot of people were considering malls dead with the appearance of Internet. Now malls are doing better.

What is interesting is that Malls are among the best promotional medium on a technical point of view. You could do print, you could have interactive booth, you could have sampler of shows, or simply billboards displayed.

It seems that advertisement present in shopping centers are well percieved by customers.

According to studies:

• 91% of teen shoppers notice poster display ads at the mall
• 85% notice hanging advertising banners
• 77% notice sampling
• 58% notice promotional events
• 57% notice TV/video screens
• 48% notice interactive displays/kiosks
• 31% notice moving images projected on the floor or walls

I have recently attended a conference in Paris about new technologies in the shopping centers, organized by DMC. What showed up during this event was the need for shopping centers companies to reinvent their business, and to find new ways to create value. Maybe through new technologies shopping centers could provide superior advertising possibilities to brands?