Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shopping Centers To Reinvent Their Trade

On May, 13, I have attended a conference in Paris about new technologies in the shopping centers, organized by DMC. The purpose was to explore the use of new technologies to enhance the attractivity of shopping centers, whereas Internet is challenging their leadership. Many different use could be thought, especially to provide a greater customer experience, or to ease the buying process.

A lot of questions and topics have been raised, and will probably been used for further posts. But what clearly stood out, wad the necessity for the shopping center trade to change.

If shopping centers corporation core activity has been since the beginning to lend stores to businesses, and to create the visitors flow needed to help retails, the competition has become much more intense. A lot of possibilities are ahead of them.

But what is for sure is that shopping centers now need to create added value to improve customer experience, in order to remain attractive.

Shopping centers aren't dead, but they need to create more added value for retailers, and that goes through customer experience enhancement.