Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Turning Green Is A Great Way To Create Facial Added Value

How could you raise up your mergins in these tough times, where innovations is harder to find? What about adopting a sustainable development approach, and turning green?

Of course, sustainable development is important as old production process will become more and more costly, especially due to tax threshold, and it is important to be ethical with the company's stakeholders. But a recent study has shown that a product’s “energy footprint” influences 77 percent for consumers’ purchasing decisions, with 76 percent willing to pay more at the register for environmentally-friendly products.

This is important because it underlines the importance of ethic in business nowadays. The fair trade trend is another way to create added value without innovation, and to raise up one's brand equity.

Even though the crisis eclipsed somehow the green hype that was going on the past few years, green business remain one of the main trade to follow for marketers in a near future.